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How to Send SMS Notifications to Your VideoAsk Respondents 📲

  • 29 March 2023
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How to Send SMS Notifications to Your VideoAsk Respondents 📲
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Evaporating emails


Nearly half of all the emails sent in 2021 were marked as spam, according to research by email marketing software Mailmodo. This data suggests that for every two emails that your business sends, one of them may be filtered into the recipient’s junk folder. 📬


In other words, your message might go – poof! – and vanish into cyberspace. Relying on email deliverability alone can result in wasted time, frustrated customers, and lost revenue. 

The saving grace of SMS


Every word of your business communications deserve to see the light of day. Unlike email marketing, SMS has an average open rate of 97%. That’s impressive! 📲


As a result, many customers have asked us: How can I notify my videoask respondents via text message that I’ve replied to them? Well, as the phrase goes, “Ask and you shall receive!” 


In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to send SMS notifications to your respondents. You can use text messaging as your exclusive delivery method for notifications, or you can combine it with VideoAsk’s built-in email notifications to cover even more ground. 


The tech stack 


📹 It’s time to maximize the deliverability of your VideoAsk notifications! Let’s get to it… 




PS: It’s best practice to explicitly ask respondents if you can send them text messages.

You can easily do this by adding the consent checkbox to your contact form. 👀




Congrats! Now that you know how to automatically send SMS notifications when you reply to respondents, your business will benefit from better deliverability and engagement. 


Whether you’re a salesperson pushing more leads through your pipeline, or a recruiter telling a candidate they’ve landed their dream role, marrying VideoAsk with text notifications is the secret sauce to your success. 


Let us know what questions or feedback you have in the comments below! 


Remember: If you can dream it, you can do it! Until next time…

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nicely done @andrew_videoask 



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@john.desborough Thank you, my friend!