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🍩 November videoask of the month!

  • 2 November 2022
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🍩 November videoask of the month!
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Hey everyone, It’s time for our next videoask of the month! 🎉


DISCLAIMER: Before we continue, we recommend making sure you’ve already eaten, because this post has the potential to make you hungry… 🍩

November’s videoask comes from Jimmy LaPrelle, founder of Give Insatiably. Boring corporate gifts are a thing of the past, thanks to Jimmy and the team and their selection of incredible dessert boxes 🤤


Check out the videoask:




What’s the use case?


Jimmy is using this videoask as a contact form for custom orders on the website. The beauty of using VideoAsk for this is he’s able to tell his story and make you rethink your gift giving ideas in just 50 seconds of video!

You can choose to reply to the videoask via video, audio or text and then once you’ve inputted your contact details for the Give Insatiably team to get back to you, you’ll be asked where you heard about them - so they can do a sneaky bit of customer research too 😏


Where can I find it?

This videoask is embedded as an iframe embed on the Give Insatiably business page. After scrolling down a page of cool graphics, testimonials and mouth watering dessert pics, you get to meet Jimmy who will no-doubt convince you to drop everything and get in touch to start planning your custom order.



It’s quick and easy to reply to this videoask, one message and your customer journey begins.


This videoask has been built using the following features:


  • Open-ended answer type

  • Contact form

  • Multiple choice answer type (with multiple selection)

  • Uploaded video


This is a simple but powerful videoask, allowing Jimmy and the team to collect some crucial information from potential customers so they can come armed with the relevant information in their replies.


You’ll notice in the contact form they have changed the Product name field to Your company:



This can be done by customizing the contact form in the builder settings, and creating a custom language.


Not only are Give Insatiably using videoask for this contact form, you’ll also find a videoask widget on the homepage, where you can select from the list of options to learn more about the product or get in touch with the team to ask your questions:



And, they’ve even linked to a videoask in their website footer: if you click Received a Dessert Box? You can leave your feedback, plus get a discount code to send someone else a dessert box!



A massive congrats to Jimmy and the Give Insatiably team for some outstanding videoasks! We can’t wait to see what they cook up next! 🧁


Not only are they providing meaningful gifts packed full of delicious treats, each dessert box purchased helps to feed a hungry kid for a weekend and plants two trees. You can learn more about how they are giving back with their gifts here🌱


If you have any questions about the features used in this videoask, don’t forget to drop them in the comments ⬇️


We’re always on the hunt for inspiring videoasks - if you would like to be featured as a videoask of the month both here in the community and in the VideoAsk Product Digest Newsletter, send me a DM or tell us about your use case here 🙏

6 replies

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Woah! You’re right, Grace - not a good idea to watch this before breakfast! Now I want to order 5 boxes! If only they delivered to Spain 🍩 🙏 Amazing work, team Give Insatiably! 😻

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@Grace - absolutely true.. i watched before breakfast and i am now regretting that I have to look forward to just my habitual breakfast ….cravings are now set and going to ruin my morning concentration lol



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haha @Cat @john.desborough oh dear, hopefully breakfast can satisfy you both and you don’t get tempted to order a box of brownies for lunch 😂

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@Grace - why wait for lunch for brownies?? ummm…. 


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I should’ve listened to the disclaimer at the top of this post…

I’m about to buy out Jimmy’s entire dessert inventory 🧁🍫🍪

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Great Articile