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Videoask of the month: October 2023 📚

  • 4 October 2023
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Videoask of the month: October 2023 📚
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Hey Community 👋


This month we’re featuring something a little bit different for the October videoask of the month. 

A while back we teamed up with entrepreneur and best-selling author of The Mom Test, Rob Fitzpatrick, to create an interactive learning experience using VideoAsk.


Check it out

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What’s the use case?


The goal was to create an educational videoask where viewers could discover and learn business insights and strategies in a thoughtful and engaging way. The videoask is based on Rob’s book The Mom Test and walks the viewer through how to get feedback and insights from customers. 


Where can I find it? 

You’ll find the videoask embedded as a button on this landing page.



Clicking the Start watching button opens up the videoask in a new tab where you can begin interacting with it.


This videoask has been made using the following features



The videoask uses multiple choice and logic to offer the option to go into more detail on the different subjects covered in each step or move on to the next one. 


The NPS answer type is used at the end of the videoask to gather feedback - a great way to get insights from respondents.


Finally if you complete the videoask you get redirected to a landing page with some more free content from Rob. This acts as a lead magnet - a little free gift to encourage you to buy the book 😉


Thanks so much to Rob for taking part in this, it really shows the level you can take your videoask production to and how creative you can get to hook in potential new customers! 


Check out Rob’s YouTube channel for more inspirational videos 🌟

Plus, if you like this videoask check out our second interactive learning experience on our Takeaways page here.


Do you have a videoask you would like to share? Send me a DM and we could be featuring you as videoask of the month very soon! 🙌

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