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The story so far… VideoAsk Product Update 2023

The story so far… VideoAsk Product Update 2023
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Hey Community 😁

As we head towards the halfway point in the year we wanted to reflect on all the cool stuff we've released in case there's something you missed!


Here's a roundup of all the VideoAsk updates and feature releases for 2023 so far in one handy video guide:



New stuff in VideoAsk:

  • Respondent Email Confirmation to put your respondent’s mind at easy 💌
  • New Look Share Panel to make sharing a piece of cake 🍰
  • Collapsible Side Menu to save space in your account 💡
  • Unread Menu Count so you don’t forget to check for new responses 
  • Adjust Video Position to get the best fit for your videoask 📽
  • Embed Preview to visualize your videoask embedded on your website 💻
  • Mute/Unmute Videos well, this one explains itself! 🔕


The VideoAsk team has been focusing on simplifying the creation process and making things easy to organize in your VideoAsk account to help streamline and beautify the building experience! 


As always, we would love to hear what you think so feel free to drop any questions or comments in the thread below ⬇ We can then take your feedback on board as we continue to build out the roadmap 🗺


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@Grace - well done!!


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Thanks @john.desborough ! Something a little different!


Um bom trabalho, nos estamos juntos, obrigado


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Good job, we're together, thank you
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thanks @Mamasambabalde hope you’re doing well!