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Workspace Invaders: Meet the co-founder growing an online academy with Typeform

  • 28 February 2024
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Workspace Invaders: Meet the co-founder growing an online academy with Typeform
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Hey all!


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of chatting with Dan Barahona, Co-Founder of APIsec University, an online platform offering a wide selection of API security courses and resources.


Dan and the team launched this venture just over a year ago and already have over 70,000 students taking their courses and leveling up their API security skills - which is pretty darn impressive! 


We heard that APIsec were using Typeform to survey their students, and getting great completion rates, so I was keen to jump on a call and find out more. 

Tune in to my conversation with Dan and discover how APIsec are doing even more with Typeform now, beyond just surveying students 🍿



3 Key takeaways from our conversation

Takeaway 1:

APIsec University successfully uses Typeform to gather valuable feedback from their community. These insights have enabled Dan and the team to understand what courses are doing well and which areas need improvement. 


Takeaway 2:


Following the success of these surveys APIsec have expanded their use of Typeform beyond course feedback. They are now using Typeform for market research and to replace traditional CRM forms with typeforms. This decision was driven by a desire to create low-friction, user-friendly ways to engage with their audience. 


Takeaway 3:


APIsec University's success with Typeform is heavily attributed to the user-friendly interface. Their focus on providing a seamless experience for their users resulted in high engagement and completion rates on their surveys and forms and the detailed summary views in Typeform make analyzing large amounts of data easy and insightful for the team.



"Success is all about, are we successfully getting the feedback and the engagement that we want from our community? It's typically measured in volumes of responses and equally important, the sort of rate or the conversion of those responses, like how many people start and actually finish." said Dan.



If you’re feeling inspired by Dan’s story, check out these guides to help you get the most out of your typeform surveys:


A big thanks to Dan Barahona for taking the time to share APIsec’s journey with Typeform. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the market research survey and whatever comes next! 🚀

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3 replies

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Great to hear Dan and the APISec team are finding so many creative ways to use Typeform – nice interview @Grace 🤠

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Yep really enjoyed chatting to Dan, and picking up some great tips for creating powerful surveys! 🚀

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it was a nice bit.. well done..