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[WORKSPACE INVADERS 👾] Meet the customized onboarding flow growing folk’s user base

[WORKSPACE INVADERS 👾] Meet the customized onboarding flow growing folk’s user base
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Greetings Earthlings!

Buckle up for another episode of Workspace Invaders! The series where scour the galaxy for Typeform-using stars and explore their clever processes. 


Today, we’re talking to folk, an ice-cool tech company from Paris 🇫🇷  who have built a user-friendly, super customisable CRM. In this episode, we caught up with folk’s COO and Co-Founder, Simo Lemhandez who talked us through how they use Typeform and other no code tools to capture, onboard, and convert new users



Summary of folk’s solution


Wannabe users sign up to access folk via a Typeform. Submitting the form triggers processes in a bunch of different tools, which combine to get users onboarded almost automatically. 


The main benefit of this is that folk customizes users’ onboarding experiences, to fit the use case they mention in the signup Typeform. Users get a tailored experience that demonstrates exactly how Folk can benefit them. This makes them more likely to gel with the product, and stick with it long-term. Genius! 


Step-by-step guide to the tech behind this folktastic flow


  1. Users sign up for folk by entering their email address into a box on their website. Their site was created in the no-code website builder, Webflow


  1. Once users submit their email addresses, they are redirected to a signup typeform. The email address the user has just submitted will appear in the Typeform’s URL, using a feature called Hidden Fields. This means folk don’t have to ask for a user’s email twice, even though the Typeform and the website are hosted on two different web pages.


  1. The typeform asks various questions to help folk customize users’ onboarding experiences. If you are a perfect fit for folk's target customer segment, you’ll be offered to book an in-person onboarding via Calendly. However, thanks to Logic, you won’t see the Calendly question unless you and folk are a match. 

🧑‍🏫 Learn how to add a Calendly scheduling question directly into your typeform. 


  1. A process within the connector tool,  Zapier, sends the information in the typeform to folk. Simo’s team have set up a Zap within Zapier which connects the typeform to folk’s own folk database (meta!). When a user submits their user information into the typeform, Zapier automatically pipes that information through to Folk. The user’s information is now registered in folk. 

🧑‍🏫 Hear more about using Zapier to connect your typeform to other tools



  1. The information in the typeform is automatically also sent to Intercom. This typeform is also connected to Intercom, a communications software for messaging back and forth with customers. 

🧑‍🏫 Learn how to connect Intercom to Typeform


  1. Simo and the team manage customer onboarding via Intercom. Customers are automatically sorted into different messaging flows, depending on how they answered the questions in the Typeform. For instance, if someone is a great match for folk’s target customer segment, they will be offered another chance to book an onboarding session via Calendly. 


Genius, right?! Here’s a wobbly diagram for clarity:




Absolutely folking brilliant.


From the users’ point of view, this workflow draws them into the Folk universe in a matter of minutes. From the Folk team’s perspective, there’s no manual faffing involved in adding users to the database. It also saved them the development hours it would’ve taken to create a custom solution for onboarding.  

Simo is a legend for being so open about this process, and explaining it so clearly. Hopefully, he has inspired some of you to dive into the admin-saving world of typeform integrations too!  

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This is a very very cool integration use case and ‘simple crm’ tools are hard to come by. this one, Folk, looks pretty good.. (on my way to see if i can get in the front door lol)


thanks @Mirandaparr and Simo!!


a quick edit: I was able to get onboarded and into the tool.. in under two minutes .. wow!!




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Nice one! Love folks and how they use Typeform for a unique onboarding experience. Well done @Mirandaparr and Simo!

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So many cool integrations! Well done, Simo and @Mirandaparr😍

I think you'll enjoy checking how they're integrating Typeform with a variety of apps to capture, onboard and convert! @Darnell @QVV @Olgasolo @kjblakeman @Murilo Webber @Angie @jswartz @Michaela 


Can anyone explain how did he move the logo from the upper left corner to the center of the screen?

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Hey @gost looks like they’ve done this using a background image – i.e. the logo is positioned centrally on a transparent background which fits the dimensions of the typeform. It should be pretty simple to replicate using Photoshop, Canva or any image editors that support transparencies. Hope this helps!