Aggregate different form reasponses into one table.

  • 29 November 2023
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I’m not sure this is the best way to reach the end result so let’s start from the bottom. I’m looking to have a table where the answers from different forms (but same structure) are merged together. In this way thanks to a support table in airtable/google sheet I can discriminate between them (each form is a different product - I don’t want the users to select the product by themselves).


Use Case: Online Bookings

I have product details page with forms to be completed, so each detail page now have a different form (with different url - for each product I sell) with the same form structure. I then use google sheet to append the answers, and thanks to a support table I identify the product thanks to the different URLs of the forms, but I don’t like this solution as IMPORTRANGE of gsheet (that I use to merge the different sheet with form answers) is not that solid.

Is there a more efficient way of doing so? Asking the customer to re-select the service as a question, after he/she has opened the form in a product detail page is not that great, I want to come up with a different solution. 

It is important to discriminate because, as you can imagine, each booking request has to be redirected to a different person (this is done thanks to the support tble mentioned above).


If you have other suggestions on how to handle the problem you are welcome!


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Hey @Pietro Castellani thanks for stopping by the community 😊

I’m sure there are a few folks round here using Google Sheets, I wonder if @john.desborough might have any suggestions for you?

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@Pietro Castellani @Grace - if your forms are connected to a ‘series’ of google sheets - or even if they are not, you can use ONE of the sheets as the trigger point for the following possible solution: 

  • on the one sheet where you have, for example, the details of a form respondent looking to talk to someone about a product.
    • create a second tab that you will use to consolidate and pull data from other tables into the record
    • using the arrayformula() function on the second tab, pull in the details you need from the first  - including the email and, assuming, a product identifier from the form
    • create a field/formula that uses the product identifier to lookup the data/information on another sheet and pull in the information - could be description, sku, quantity on hand, etc - even the sales rep details for that product

in your typeform, if you want someone to select a product and then a service associated with that product, that is done with the logic rules… however there is no out of the box method to take the product info, go out to the google sheet and look up the services associated with the product and pass that back to the form dynamically. You would have to do a bit of work with the APIs and/or webhooks to implement that. 



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Awesome thanks for explaining @john.desborough 🙌 let us know if that helps @Pietro Castellani!