Best platform / plan for analysis of feedback forms

  • 15 March 2021
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I’m struggling to decide whether to use Google Forms or Typeform (and if so which subscription I need) and would appreciate thoughts from people who use these platforms more than I do!

I need to create feedback forms for a series of events. The same questions will be asked for every event - a mixture of multiple choice and free text, without any branching required -  and I need to be able to view / analyse the results per individual event and for the series as a whole. 

There will be around 25 events over 4 months with a few hundred responses per month.  

Is it better to create a template form and duplicate it for each event, or use the same form for all of them with a menu of events?

Does Typeform offer me nice ways of analysing and sharing the results (quantitative and qualitative) or would I have to export to Excel?

What are the advantages of Typeform over Google Forms for this purpose? Which plan would I need?

Many thanks!



3 replies

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Hi @ElbowJ thanks for stopping by and considering typeform! :) 

My first inkling offhand would be to create a template typeform and then duplicate it for each event. Then, you can change the name of the form per event date to not only make it easier to find the form but also to figure out who submitted data for what event. 

We do have options for exporting which you can learn more about here, but for an overall view of your data, you can learn more about how the results appear here

I also made a video below to show you what the results look like and how you can view the data. :) I figured a walkthrough would be easier to understand versus a few different articles!



Thanks Liz. A couple of further questions.

Some of my questions will be multiple choice and I’d like to generate charts showing how many people chose each answer. Is this function available somewhere?

If I use the same template survey for each event, is there any way of generating charts that combine the data from all surveys? Or would I need to export and do this in another programme?

Many thanks

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Hi @ElbowJ - the only charts we have at the moment are the pre-generated ones in the reports, but many of our customers use Google Data Studio to create their own! There’s a really cool tutorial Nordin created about using it below. 


Hopefully that helps! :)