Can I receive the number of the answer (A, B, or C) instead of the answer itself (text) in form_response?

Right now, when I receive a response from Typeform, I receive the text of every answer so am wondering, is there a way to configure the response to include the number/letter of mulit-choice (type: choice)?

Question 1:
A - Answer 1.
B- Answer 2.
C- Answer 3.

So instead of receiving say “Answer 2” to be the answer to that question, I’d receive the letter “B”.



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Hi @hajarNasr This isn’t possible within our platform, but @picsoung or @mathio do you know of any workarounds? 

One thought offhand would be to use a service like Zapier or Make (Integromat) to filter the responses and send them with the lettering instead. 

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I am not aware of any workarounds for this, sorry.

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@Liz  @hajarNasr - this may not be the best but I have done it this way, as a work around:

  • labels created as follows: 
    • A - Choice 1
    • B - Choice 2
    • etc
  • connect to google sheets
  • use function(s) inside the Sheet to parse the first character out so that i know which option they selected
    • i will state that if you randomize the order it may look a little silly with F, A, D, B being listed as the first characters of the options. 

doesn’t much help inside native typeform unless you want to use a logic rule to assign a variable with the answer selected ie v_qNanswer below is a text variable 

  • if answer = A then replace v_qNanswer with ‘A’
  • if answer =B then replace v_qNanswer with ‘B’

then you could capture the variable with your answers as well



This would be VERY helpful to help simplify the mapping and analysis of the answers, as well as allow for editing of the answer without invalidating old data.



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Hey @DaveK thanks so much for the feedback and upvote of this. I have added it to our feature request board 😊