Creating Subfolders within my results

  • 17 March 2021
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Hi there.
The survey we have posted has wielded good results and we would now like to organise these results into ‘Yes’ ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ categories. 

Initially we were planning to just download the individual forms as PDFs and organise on our google drive, but I've discovered that forms cannot be downloaded as PDFs so I wondered if there was a simple way to create subfolders within our results tab so we can stay organised?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Jay Khagram
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1 reply

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@Alleycats Casting - from a user here.. 

there are some possible ways to get a positive result from this, if you expand beyond simply Typeform:

  • you could Connect typeform to google sheets and capture the data there and then do your categorizations, etc. including creating reports
  • you could Connect typeform to Trello and have the surveys arrive in a Trello board and then use internal workflows there to push the results into various categories/lists
  • you could generate self-notification emails with all the answers/questions to arrive at a specific mail box internally, where you could print them to pdf if you like. 

just a couple of thoughts to spark some thinking …  (i use all of these myself!)