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  • 26 January 2023
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Hi. I need to copy & paste the contents of a submitted form. Is there a way to include the date in the e-mail typeform sends me so i can see when i got the info?

Current start of e-mail: Your typeform XXXXX has a new response:
It would be great if it was: Your typeform XXXXX has a new response on DATE:


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3 replies

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Hi @newyorktaxi We don’t have this option in our notification settings, but you could set up notifications in your own email service provider through one of our integrations

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@newyorktaxi - here’s one option: you can connect your typeform to Google Sheets and then use something like Document Studio to generate and send your email. 


when your form is submitted into the Google sheet, it has a timestamp on it (date and time) - you can parse that field to show just the date… 


just a thought


Thx all. My use is very simple. I copy & paste the contents of the submission e-mail into a calendar field in Outlook. That's all. Looking at the contents at another moment i always miss a date to see when the form was submitted. There are other variables you can use through a hidden field but not simpel a date option.