Having some trouble viewing which ending people reached under Responses

  • 20 November 2023
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Hi all,


I’ve made a rather complex Typeform which uses Branching and calculations to move the user through the form.


I tried setting it up as an Outcome quiz initially, but there were simply too many possible end results and pathways to reach them that I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. (I’m also new to Typeform!)


So I’ve set it up as a form that only used Branching, thinking that would work for me.


However, because of this I am now unable to view what results my respondents chose:


This is my current view on the Responses page.


I need to be able to see which ending my respondents reach at the end of the Typeform. I’ve tried exporting the file to Google Sheets but the information is also missing from there.


Is there any way to view this without changing the Typeform to include Outcomes logic?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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@G Young - best thing to do is to create a text variable for the ending (i use v_ending)  and then use a logic rule to replace the value of v_ending with something that lets you know to which ending the user was routed. 

if your scoring is such that you identify, say, one of 4 endings then just before you send the user there via logic, use a logic rule set something like this: 

  • if v_total is greater than 12 then replace v_ending with ‘ending 1 text’
    • assumes going to ending 1
  • if v_total is greater than 8 and v_total is less than or equalt to 12 rejplace v_ending with ‘ending 2 text’ 
    • assumes going to ending 2 



make sense??



This took me a while to implement but definitely did the trick, thank you so much for your advice! 😊

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@G Young - glad you got it working!