How To Get The # Average in Ranking Questions Summary

  • 20 July 2021
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Hiiiiiiii. I just did a ranking-question survey and got the responses. When I go to the summary page to analyze my responses, something is unclear to me. At the right side of the choices list, there are # average displayed. There are #3.71 average, #4.81 average, #5.11 average and so on. May I know what do they mean and how do i calculate to get the numbers? I’ve been trying to figure out those numbers for hours but i only came to the road end. 

p/s : i edited out the questions and answer list beforehand. thank you


And this is the details of #1 choice. From 1-16, the responses show that it’s been ranked as no. 1
But what really bothers me, at the top right there is a display of #3.71 average. Now, i really hope if there’s anyone could tell me where did this number came from and how to get it. 

I hope for help or answers from anyone asap :( Thank you very much


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Hi @najla Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by. Usually this average is calculated by the total number of people who filled out the form and those that answered this question. Though, I’m second guessing myself, so I’ll ask our product team for you. :) 

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

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Hi @najla I have an update. :) 

That value is the average ranking of the option within the set. So if there are 16 options, the average can be between 1 and 16. It is calculated by summing up the (rank position x number of responses for each rank position) / total number of responses.In this particular example, for the first option with average 3.71 that means: ((1 x 602) + (2 x 249) + (3 x 149).......+ (16 x 21)) / 1534 = 3.71

I hope this helps!

Wow thank you very much @Liz for your detailed explanation! Yes, you’re actually very helpful thank you very muchh :sparkles: I appreciate it :grin:

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Not a problem, @najla ! Glad this helped. :grin: Let me know if I can help answer anything else!

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I have several clarifying questions related to the above... I’ve asked survey participants to rank 8 items, and I can clearly see the results of the ranking 1-8 in the left column. I assume that this is the ranking score that I was after. The average is provided for each ranking on the right. The average starts smaller for the most highly ranked response, and grows larger towards the lowest ranked response. My naive question is this: what is the relationship between the ranking and the average? Also, when these values on the average are very close together, say for the #1 and #2 my instinct is to call these a tie for the ranking. Can you recommend a formula to declare the statistical significance (or not) of the spread?

The individual results caused some confusion for me too. Here is a screen shot of the first response. Sorry in advance for the naive question (maybe a lack of coffee!) but what does this represent? Unlike najla’s example, my results don’t seem to support the ranking?

THANK YOU for helping me better understand my results!

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Hi @brillbrill I’ve responded on your post! :grinning: