Inconsistency between insights, responses and downloaded data

  • 3 April 2024
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when I view survey results and filter by a custom date, in this instance Mar 31, 2024, I am presented with differing numbers for submissions (24) numbers under Insights tab and then results (32) under the Responses tab. Shouldn’t these numbers be the same?


Then when I download the data for this custom date, there are other inconsistencies:

Downloaded data in Excel format includes submissions from the day before custom date.

Q: If the data is all presented in UTC time, shouldn’t the results I view on the website and in the downloaded data be consistent?  


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5 replies

My computer is set to UTC+11 time. Is the issue that when I use the website and its functions, such as Insights and Summary, it shows me results in UTC+11, but the download data is presented in UTC time?



That seems to be the case. The Insights tab is pulling data from UTC time, where as Responses tab and downloaded data shows data specific to my local time (UTC+11). Is this a bug?

When looking at all results of downloaded data with no date range set, under UTC for 31 March, 2024, I return the result of 24 submissions as seen under the Insights tab. 


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@Lukeo - Typeform stores data with transaction times of UTC in the database. It’s the only way to  provide consistency around the globe. 

I live in Canada and have clients around the globe - it would be a nightmare for me to do analysis on the data if it was all in “local” time 

Hi @john.desborough, thanks for the reply. Yes I understand the stored data is in UTC.

But my screenshots seem to demonstrate that the website presents some results based on the user’s local time.

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Hi @Lukeo What you are seeing is correct - when exporting the data, it will show in UTC time. When viewing the data within your typeform account, it will show in your local timezone.