• 4 December 2023
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Here at our company, we have some 100% anonymous climate surveys, but we needed to block them so that the same person would not respond more than once. We know that by downloading the responses to Excel, we can see the Network ID, but if everyone in the company responds on the same internet, it would no longer work for us to find out if there was a duplicate response.

Is there any way to make the survey anonymous, but block the machine's IP for just 1 response? From the machine it is more efficient than from the internet. Since we stay on the same connection daily!

Thank you very much for your attention :)

Tairê - Suzano Holding


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Hey @Suzano Holding welcome to the community 😊

This sounds quite complex, it might also be worth creating a ticket via this link for the technical support team to see if they can help you set this up.

And in the meantime maybe there’s someone else around the community that has managed to set something similar up and can offer some advice!