Merge results from several surveys in one report

Hi, I have a research survey consisting of 2 forms, a baseline form followed by the actual research questionnaire a few weeks later. I need to connect the data from the baseline form with the answers from the research questionnaire to get meaningful results. Example: I need to see how many % of the people between 20-40 answered question 1 with “no”.

I know about hidden fields, but I do not want to actively use the data in the second form (e.g. not want to address the users by name), I just want it in the report and I want all the baseline data.

I also know about the options to integrate both into 1 google sheet, but I don't want to include Google sheets in the process as it’s very sensitive data .

So my question is, is it somehow possible in Typeform to collect all the responses from 2 surveys in one combined report? 


Many thanks!


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Hi @jadzia Have you seen the post below? This is one solution that might be able to help you out since it’s not possible to do this directly within Typeform. 


Dear Liz, thanks for your reply. I’m aware of this solution but it’s not what I’m looking for as I don't want to export the there is really no way to integrate multiple surveys in Typeform, right?

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Hi @jadzia We don’t have this feature, so I definitely suggest using the workarounds!