Optimizing the order of questions in a long questionnaire

  • 21 November 2023
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Hi Typform community experts, 

We have a questionnaire of ~20 questions leading to a subscription of $280 per month in the healthcare space. 

1. Does Typeform offer a tool to optimize the order of the questions in the questionnaire to reduce drop off? 

2. Is there a tool to A/B test questions in the questionnaire to identify which one reduces drop off and increases overall completion? 

3. Do you know of an expert (consultant) that we can hire to help us optimize the questionnaire and reach higher conversion/subscription? if so, please send their name and email so we can reach out to them. 

Thank you in advance, 



3 replies

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Hey @RonLeibovits , thanks for getting in touch. Typeform does have a tool as part of our Business plan that offers question-by-question insights to help you spot where drop-offs are occurring. You can read more about how it works and what it dos here

Actually, our good friend @john.desborough will be running a workshop on Dec 14th explaining his technique for using this insights tool to identify and fix drop-offs over time. He’ll also share some more general tidbits on approaches to form optimisation. You’d be more than welcome to come join and learn about it. Registration for the session (which is free) will be opening later this week. I’ll make a note to ping you with the link to sign up once it’s open. I’m sure you’ll find it super helpful 😎



Hi @James

Thanks for the quick feedback. 

I was wondering if TypeForm can be smarter than just looking at individual question dropoffs (which we already use as part of the Business plan) but actually add value to customers by doing what Google is doing with their Gads in which they shuffle Descriptions on the ads to find the best combination that results in higher conversions. 

While some forms might be linear in logic (and can’t be reshuffled), some questions are not linear and can be presented in multiple different orders.  I would have expected TypeForm to offer such tool to its Business plan customers so the completion rate would be higher.  Also, create A/B testing functions for questions, would be a no-brainer and easy to implement. 

I’ll appreciate it if you can direct me to an expert that knows how to do optimization properly. 

Thanks in advance, Ron

Hello, @RonLeibovits!

Pol here, Product Manager at Typeform.


First of all, thanks for the feedback – it's super valuable for us.


Second, I'm afraid we don't offer those features at the moment.

In addition to the drop-off analysis feature, alternative solutions you could try to optimize your form are:

In parallel, we'll continue to work on new and better features to help our users get the best performance from their forms.