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I’ve been testing my survey as I’ve been designing it… so have a lot of bogus data.

How do I reset all of the data so when I send it for real, the stats are accurate?




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You can always just filter the insights by the date range your looking for. Should solve your issue of trying to siphon through bogus data.

I would really love the stats to reset after removing test responses. In my case, form duplication is problematic as I’m using one question to trigger an email to be sent, and this part of logic is not duplicated together with a form! No way to test if I have done it right, without affecting the “Big picture” stats :(

HOLA!! Como puedo eliminar o resetear la información general de una encuesta?, elimine todas las respuestas, pero en Análisis (información general) almacena la historia de todas las respuestas y debo empezar de Cero.


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HELLO!! How can I delete or reset the general information of a survey? I deleted all the responses, but Analysis (general information) stores the history of all the responses and I have to start from scratch.

Thank you

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Hi @RULOX Thanks for stopping by the community! The language of the community is English, so I hope you don’t mind my reply in English. 

I’ve moved your conversation here where we have an existing conversation about this topic. 😀


What priority did this get? If any?

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Hi @ReneNL This isn’t currently on the roadmap, but if that changes, we’ll post any updates here. 😀