score and quiz result wrong

  • 23 November 2023
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I created a survey with multiple choice questions. One point will be awarded for each correct answer. But in the end it always counts incorrectly, the result is always failed, always endsreen A



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4 replies

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Hey @openmind sorry to hear you’re having issues with your quiz. It’s difficult to tell exactly what the issue is here without seeing the full setup. Did you add the ranges to the “score ranges” option for each of the endings (see example below)? Feel free to share what you added here. This is the part I mean...


This Help Center article might also be useful for troubleshooting the issue, in case you haven’t already checked it out:




yes, i do, but it doesn´t work


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Hmm, that’s very strange @openmind , from what you’ve shown I can’t see where the problem would be. In this case I would suggest contacting Typeform support here: and they can have a look at the setup of your quiz to identify the source of the issue. 




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Hi @openmind Were you able to reach our support team? 😀