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  • 1 September 2021
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I lead a training organization, and we administer a feedback survey to all users who consume the courses in our catalogue. The survey is the same for all courses but we like to report on the survey scores for each course plus the overall score across all courses (like a global score). The former allows us to analyze feedback at a course level and make improvements to individual courses, while the overall score allows us to captureuser satisfaction at a global level across all courses. At the moment, we generate the overall score manually and it is very tedious.

Does the reporting functionality in Typeform allow me to achieve both the objectives outlined above easily?  


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3 replies

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Hi @sgknan Nice to hear from you! :) How do you have the form currently setup to distinguish who has completed which course? For example, do you have a question in the form that asks which course they’re in? Or are you passing the data through hidden fields? 

In general, I’d suggest setting up a report in Google Data Studio, which will provide you plenty more options for creating reports specifically tailored to your needs. You can read more about an example of this below!


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Hi Liz, I have the same need, ie I have a survey that is the same for different groups or more precisely different periods so no hidden field.

I dont use Google data Studio and prefer not to use Big G products, hence my choice to use Typeform. :)


If I could generate results by time period ( date A to date B), that would solve my problem.


Otherwise, is there another way you see to separate results by date?

Or is the only way now to duplicate the survey and create a new link?

One other way to have this fuctionality would be to have a repeating survey, and have it available from this date to this date.





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Hi @Carosanfran The best way to do this would be an outside source if you’re looking to share the data. 

You can filter down insights/results within the Typeform builder, but this isn’t possible to export. Thus, I would suggest using one of our integrations for this. 

You can read more about working with the ingsights/data in the Typeform product here