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  • 21 July 2021
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I have small query on the webhook response that we get when there is a new response to the form.

The webhook response returns the token property but not the response id. Will the token and the response id remains the same or it will be different.

From the webhook I want the response id but it is not returned. Can I use token instead of that.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Gokulaselvan T Thanks for stopping by! Are you seeing something called an ‘event ID’? If so, you’ll want to use that to reference the response. 


I get event ID, but it is mentioned as a unique id for the webhook not for the response.

The token which I get matches the responses ID. Also I checked with few responses, the token and response id are same. Event ID didn’t match with the response id.

Below is the portion of webhook response,

"event_id": "01F46V0C2TY9A3P6ERSHBTAYDZ",
"event_type": "form_response",
"form_response": {
"form_id": "fT3nEvUJ",
"token": "j73slmzurlznl94ddxnj73sl77zy7zv9",

Here is the image of postman response,


The token in the webhook response and repsonse id from the responses API remains the same.


My need is to get the response id from the webhook response and my assumption is that the token and the repsonse id will be same. So I can use the token as the response ID.

Is my assumption correct if not may I know what is token.



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Hi @Gokulaselvan T Ah yes, you’re right. The token in the Webhooks API is the same as the Response ID, which is slightly confusing. I’ve asked our team why the label is different in the webhooks API versus almost everywhere else. 

Nice. If you can confirm on that it would be very helpful.


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Hi @Gokulaselvan T I haven’t heard back yet why the labels are different, but I can confirm they are the same thing. :grinning:

That’s amazing. Thanks a lot for your replies and clarifications.

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Not a problem, @Gokulaselvan T !