Trying to connect ending to my list on Brevo

  • 15 November 2023
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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect the ending results of my quiz to my newsletter in Brevo (ex SendinBlue)

I’ve created a quiz on TypeForm, and there are 3 differents results/ending.

If you are A result, i want you to receive a different welcome email than if you are B result.

For now, the integration works, and I’m able to collect the response directly on Brevo ; but I don’t have the field “ending” that could be the field to use in order to send different email.

Does anynone know how I can achieve that ? It would be really helpful.

Thank you,



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Hi @MelUp Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by the community. Do you have the form setup as an outcome quiz? If not, you’ll first need to switch your form to this in order to see the endings in the results. 

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@MelUp - as  @Liz said, if you use the outcome quiz, you will have the ending. If you are using a scoring quiz approach, you will have to create a variable and then use a logic rule to populate that variable iwth something (think like this is a tag you are passing) that will trigger your email workflow. 

for example

  • variable name: v_ending type=text
  • logic rule: 
    • if score-result = A replace v_ending with “ending A tag” 
    • if score-result = B replace v_ending with ‘ending B tag’
    • etc

when you submit the form, the v_ending variable will be available for submission and routing to your crm/esp or for conditional followup


does that help??



@Liz Thank you - Yes it is an outcome quiz. 


@john.desborough Thank you for this explaination. Indeed this is exactly what I have. The typeform quiz work perfectly. I have the ending results - I can see them on typeform. But the problem I have is on the integration of typeform in Brevo. Every attribute like “name” “email” “answer to a question” can connect. But i can’t connect the “ending” as an attribute.


It’s OK for the email and the name - as you can see on the screen


But as you can see on the next one ; there is not the “ending” on typeform attribute


The only solution i have from now is to make an export manually from typeform ; then pass the information on brevo to match/connect the ending.


But I would really need this to be done automatically.


Thank you for your help again !

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Hey guys,

I’m having a similar issue. One of my customers wants to create a self-test as a quiz where people anwser 11 questions and as a result I categorize them as type a, b or c. I use the scoring function. In our concept we define:

type a: 0 <= score <= 4

type b: 5 <= score <= 14

type c: 15 <= score


I can’t access the “score”-variable in Brevo. Do you have any ideas how to solve this?


Thanks in advance!


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@MelUp  @JS89 - there is an integration in Zapier between Typeform and Brevo.. if you have not explored it to validate your requirements, you might want to look at this link.



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@MelUp  @JS89 - there is an integration in Zapier between Typeform and Brevo.. if you have not explored it to validate your requirements, you might want to look at this link.



Hi John, thanks. I already tried that and this works fine, but I really hoped there’s a solution without zapier.

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Hi @JS89 thanks for stopping by the community, it’s not on the road map for us to have an integration with Brevo at the moment but I will pass the feedback along to the product team and we’ll keep this thread posted if we here any updates 😊

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@JS89 - one thing to check, in case you have not tried this out, if you are using the ‘default’ score variable in Typeform, create a different variable to hold the value of the points allocated ie v_score

and replace your current logic with the v_score variable.. 

i’ve seen instances where that has worked on other integrations. 

just a thought