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  • 22 November 2022
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I'm looking to create a typeform, sort of a poll, where there are predefined answers to question and open option, so that people can type whatever they want.

Is there a way to add this open answer to the list for next respondents? Lets say I make a list of answers like apples, bananas, oranges and someone adds potatoes. Can ‘potatoes’ be included in the list for next responders?


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3 replies

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Hi @Martins Asteroid Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having a great week so far. 

There isn’t a way to do this automatically since the answers need to be pre-set before the respondent goes into the form. The manual way would be to add these new answer options each time they are submitted, though @mathio or @picsoung might have a method using the APIs that would work!

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Hello @Martins Asteroid and @Liz 

you could setup a webhook and use Create API in the webook script to update your form.

You will need a server to host your webhook script and basic programming skills to make the API call based on the response.

Thanks @mathio and @Liz!