Advanced Logic is not showing up

  • 12 September 2022
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The option to click on advanced Logic is not showing up.

My logic is limited to ‘Go to’ option only.


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11 replies

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@Em Lee - can you please share a screen shot of what you are seeing? that will help us troubleshoot


I’m currently on the business plan and when I click on the logic → no advanced option is appearing as seen in the youtube guides.


Browser Details

Version 104.0.5112.101 (Official Build) (arm64)


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Hi @Em Lee If you click on “Add rule,” this will allow you more logic options. 😀

Hi @Liz 

I’m trying to find the logic for 

is not Choice 1
jump to Question x

my only option consists of “is” and “is not” and “go to” and “numerical” which is quite limiting

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Hi @Em Lee You need to click the Add Rule button, and then set up your logic jumps like this: 


Hi @Liz I have the same problem (see screenshot attached) - I dont see the possibility for creating a new variable.


Reason why I am asking is related to this question: 

I am using stripe and its calculating my price correctly but in the notification to the customer it always shows 0.

wanted to try out the proposed solution with v_price...



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Hi @HebenTh Are your respondents being charged correctly? 

As for adding variables, you’ll want to click on the option “Personalize with data” to find the variable options. 

yes the are charged correctly in the payment question but in the email notification it shows 0.


Why is that?

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Hi @HebenTh If the option for bank transfer is selected, the pricing variable will show 0. Though, if they pay via card, then this value should show in the notifications. 

Hi @Liz 


the checkou is not a mandatory field in my form. I skipped the payment. If I understand correctly thats the reason why it shows 0? if they enter credit card credentials and actually pay the price should show in the notification?

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Ah, that would be it, @HebenTh ! If they skip over that field, then yes, it would show 0 since 0 was charged.