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  • 17 February 2021
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It seems that when a person submits a typeform, he can only use his email address once. Lots of people are coming back to submit my company’s typeforms many times, so the users are entering bogus email addresses to get the form to work. Can we change the process to allow people to submit a typeform with the same email address as many times as they want?


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3 replies

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Hi @tpiroch. Welcome to our Community! 🤩


Actually, the expected behaviour is that people can submit the form as many times as they want. Are your respondents facing any issues when submitting the form with the same email twice? If so, can you share more details about the issue they're getting? 


If you haven't tried, you can submit the form again using the same email as a test. :) You'll notice it's exactly the same experience as if you're filling it out for the first time. 


Hope this helps! =)

@Mariana thanks for the reply! I’ve tested our forms and I have no problem submitting multiple times with the same email address. But we suspect that other users are running into a problem because we’ve seen many instances where the same person submits the typeform with a real email address, and then many other times with fake email address (always slightly different). They don’t seem to be providing fake emails to avoid getting on our email list, because they are already on our email list, and the same person never submits the same fake email twice.


Any settings that we might have to change?

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Hi @tpiroch We don’t currently have any settings within the email question that would ensure they’re typing in a valid email, but we can note the suggestion! It might be worth adding a note to your email question to remind the respondent to double-check they’ve entered the correct email. :smiley: