Any way to remove question numbers?

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Is it possible to remove numbers from Typeform questions?


I’ve created a questionnaire that links several brief questionnaires -- so that if respondents bail part-way through, we still get some data. The combined questionnaire looks great, except for question numbers, which don’t make sense (1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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Hi @suzw - thanks for stopping by. It isn’t possible to remove the numbering, but it is an interesting suggestion. Would you like them removed primarily for stylistic reasons? Or any other use case you wouldn’t mind sharing would be great to know!

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I agree, we would love to see this as a feature! Pretty much for stylistic reasons - something as simple as showing the question number should come down to the user building the form, and would make life much easier with some of the forms we build! :grinning:

E.G. We sometimes have forms that can have 20+ really short questions, but if someone was to start seeing Q10, Q11, Q12, they may give up before completing because they think the form is going on for a long time

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Thanks Liz! In my case, it’s for stylistic reasons, and to create a less confusing user experience for linked surveys. Glad to hear you’d consider bringing in this feature! -Suz

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⚠️This is an unsupported hack, it’s an at-your-own-risk solution and may eventually break in the future without notice ⚠️

You could use Google Tag Manager integration to have access to the DOM of the form and modify it.
GTM could execute a function to find all the question numbers and remove them.

Something like this may work

document.querySelectorAll('div[class^="CLASS_NAME_FOR_THIS_ELEMENT"]').map((s) => s.remove())


I’d love to see this too. In our case, we want to embed a simple yes/no single question survey in our website (then using hidden fields to attribute this answer to a logged in user), so it would be great if they just saw it displayed as a non-numbered question.

This is a no-brainer form style feature that should be available at least in the premium version users.

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Thank you all for the feedback! :) I’ve shared this with our product team. 

Hi there - i have a similar question … I have. along (ish) form with 54 questions …. the first two questions are

  1. Gather email address
  2. Gather first name

THEN I start the real questioning …. so, how do I gather the email address and name and THEN start with Question 1?



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HI @Anthony Quigley Thanks for stopping by! As mentioned above, it isn’t possible to remove the numbers on the questions, so this isn’t a feature we have at this time or a workaround we can provide for it. :sob: Let us know if you have any other questions!

I would also like the option of removing the numbers in front to questions and question group headers.

My use case is I’m presenting three topics to our users. Each topic is organized as a question group. We ask a couple of initial questions such as the user’s name and email address. Then we present the first topic, which is numbered 4. It’s weird and would like to remove it.

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Hi @Pairadime Ah, got it! If I’m reading correctly, you basically want the numbering to start after you’ve collected their personal information? 

That would be better than the current situation but ideally I’d want to just remove the numbering all together. The numbers add confusion and hurt the aesthetic.

This would be super helpful for making linked surveys less confusing

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Got it - thanks @Pairadime and @grsupport . These are both really helpful explanations for me to share with product. 

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Plus one for this feature as well - being able to turn of question numbers is a must-have !

I would also love to see this.

Use case for us:

  • Single question survey embedded on our website so no need to tell them it’s question 1 since there are no other questions

Sometimes you want to use Typeform as a “form” on your website and make it look less like a survey.

I’d also like to see this. We use Typeform to gather information - sometimes with just one question, and so it looks weird having a “1” next to the question 

this feature is desperatlly needed!!!!   what if you use the pass feature from Form A → Form B - the numbers restart which looks AWFUL - fix this folks

I completely agree.  We sometimes use one question “surveys” and the number 1 there looks silly and confusing because people then expect there to be multiple questions so it likely suppresses responses. 


This request is a must! Has there been any progress with an option to remove question numbers?

And another reason: 

I wanted to create a survey in two languages. Since I prefer sharing 1 link, I started using logic as a work around for this. But well, with the numbers I just can’t use it. It’s way to confusing when the questions are in an order like 1, 3, 5, 7….

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And another reason: 

I wanted to create a survey in two languages. Since I prefer sharing 1 link, I started using logic as a work around for this. But well, with the numbers I just can’t use it. It’s way to confusing when the questions are in an order like 1, 3, 5, 7….

@Sopo - you could always break this into multiple surveys - a first short one to select the language and then redirect the user to the second survey in the language of their choice. Use hidden fields and redirect upon completion to accomplish this. 



Hi community - I would like to hide the “step numbering” that is present on my each of the slides of my form. I can’t find any settings for it, is that technically possible? I am embedding the form via iframe, so I can’t access its items via my custom code, but is there maybe some checkmark somewhere in the form editor that I might have missed? Thanks for help.



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Hello @MartinHlavacka! Welcome to our Community! :wave_tone2:

Unfortunately there's no way to remove question numbers. We've shared this feedback with our Product team already and will keep you posted.

​​​​​​​I've moved your question to this thread where you'll find more information about it! Let me know if you have any other questions. Wishing you a great day!