Building a two-branch Typeform that generates and sends a report

  • 4 February 2023
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Hey everyone

I am new to Typeform and I am looking to build an automated solution that will allow an experience like the followiing

  1. Access the Typeform
  2. Shares their role which in effect takes to one of two branches of questions
  3. Both branches of questions, have 12 skills or questions groups with 2 - 3 questions
  4. The responses of the questions needs to be compared a scoring criteria and targets to generate a bar graph (x-axis: the skills, y-axis: score (with a target line based on your role selected)
  5. Once synthesized, a PDF report with the following is generated and sent to their email:
    1. Header indicating role picked
    2. The bar graph scoring based on the responses
    3. A list of the question groups, and within the following:
      1. Skill Name
      2. Question
        1. Your response
        2. Target response
    4. Based on their role, see a unique footer message

Challenges at this point:

  • How to build the logic and branching into the Typeform?
  • How to ensure the data is going in a logical way to Sheets → Data Studio? (from @Nordin (Link))
  • How to automate the PDF report generation and sending it to the submitted emails? (Planning to leverage Make for this)

Any guidance or direction on this will be truly helpful!




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Hi @jkidile Happy Monday! It sounds like you might have seen this article, but have you taken a peek at the post below? It’ll walk you through how to generate a report using Data Studio: 




I have a follow up question. 


I was able to create the connection with Google Data Studio (Looker) to display a visualization of the aggregated results. 


Is there a way to also display a specific receipient results (in order to show someone results compared to the aggregated ones). 



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@john.desborough might have the answer to this!

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@Noa Segol - if you have the typeform connected to a Google Sheet already, then you have the ability to pull the user’s response data into a report that shows the aggregation of data as well - if you want. 

I use Document Studio to do this along with Google Docs/Slides to create the output template - Document Studio pulls the data from the sheet into the template, creates the pdf and emails it out. 

here’s a sample where i have aggregate data that is pulled in based on the user’s selection of industry area and presents both their data and the aggregate in the report. NOTE: this is a sample version - in my production version, if you were to take the survey right now, you would be the nth respondent. the report coming out to you would give you the aggregate information on the (n-1) set of data (both at the total as well as industry aggregate level). 

you can also bring in graphs using the same basic criteria - see a blog post here - and you should be able to identify a visualization you create in Looker to pull in as well. (I don’t do that anywhere currently but i understand that others have done it) 


hope that helps