Calculations with subtotals

  • 14 February 2021
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While creating a quiz, and each answer has a numeric value, I need to create two subtotals from the answers and then divide them by each other to give a final result in a summary screen. Does anyone know how to do this?



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8 replies

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Hello @JenniferT. Thanks for joining our Community! 🥳


Let's break this process into a few steps and hopefully it'll get easier to follow. First, you need to create two variables:


Then, you set up the calculations. I've recorded this quick video showing how you can set up this. Once you're done creating the rules to have two subtotals, you'll need to add the last calculation to divide them by each other, like this example I have created.


I hope this covers what you need but in case you want to, you can also check this Help Center article about Advanced Logic with Branching and calculations. 


Wish you a Happy Monday! :) 


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Thank you Mariana, 

I looked at the article and watched the video and they were helpful.

However, my screen only has a Logic Jump option, but no Logic, variable, or Advanced Logic functions. I have the Essentials package. Is this the problem? I have created four test quizes, and do not have any of these functions available.

Is there someone that can walk me through this online or on a live chat or something?



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Hi @JenniferT. I'm glad to hear they were helpful! 🤩


It looks like you are referring to the classic builder. It’s possible that you still don't have access to our New Builder features yet which is normal because the roll-out is an incremental process. We’ll be adding access to all accounts in the following weeks.


However, multiple subtotals can only be created with the New Builder. Don't worry though, you can request access to the New Builder by contacting the support team. You can get in touch with them here! :) 

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Thanks Mariana for clarifying what the issue is. I have a deadline tomorrow and need to make these calculations work. I have just sent Support a request to change my account to the New Builder version. Hopefully someone sees this and can update my account asap :-) :-)


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Sounds good, @JenniferT! Your ticket will be received with high priority so the team should get back to you shortly 😊


We hope you'll enjoy the New Builder as much as we do =) Please let us know if there is anything else the community team can do for you! 

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Great Thank you

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Hey @JenniferT. The support team has just told me you were granted access to the New Builder! Yay! 🚀I'm so glad you could get it! :) 

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Hi, I have a question related about subtotals. I dont know if this is the places.

My typeform is a shopping cart. With 3 kind of group of services, each services integrated with several products. I need to get 4 different kind of sub totals and adds each subtotal to the score at the end of the process. 

I created a variable to each product (each with its price)
And created a variable to each subtotal (each with value 0 -zero-)

here the question:

  • I can multiply a product variable (price) and its result add it to one of the subtotal variable?

thanks in advance