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  • 15 March 2021
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Apologies if this question has already been asked but I can’t seem to find the answer I need in current posts.

I have created a self assessment style quiz which contains some multiple choice questions with multiple selections required (eg, which 3 of these…...).  I would like to add 1 to the score only if the correct 3 answers are chosen, but it seems the calculator only allows me to add a score if one answer is selected.

Here is a screen shot of my question:

If the user selects A, C, and E I would like to add one to the score but add zero if they choose any other combination.

When I try to add a calculation I can only add a score for each correct answer:

Can anyone advise me on how to do this, or suggest a possible work around please?

Thanks in advance!


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you can solve it by grouping in each answer 3 options.

  1. overview, reports, estate
  2. overview, custom alerts, backup
  3. reports, estate, home
  4. …..
  5. …..
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Hi @Kirsty_Redgate , 

Here’s what I came up with but am not sure this is exactly what you’re wanting to accomplish:


You could also change the point value for each correct answer (1 pt for each of the 3, 0 for all others). 

I like the workaround !! Great idea!!

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Thanks to you both for the responses!  

Vicki, your solution is ideally what I would like to do but I don’t seem to have that option in the builder.  If I go into Calculator for that particular question I only have an ‘If answer is’ option but not the ‘add condition’ button as shown in your screen shot.  Mine looks like this:

Am I looking in the wrong place?  Or could it be that I do not have the ‘Branching and Calculations’ option on my plan? (I’m on Impress plan)


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Hmmm, that’s interesting @Kirsty_Redgate . Are you on the old or new version? I’m on the professional plan and created my scenario using the new version of Typeform. 


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Thanks Vicki, I will check this as I’m not sure which version I am using!