Can one restrict access to form using email domains?

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@Liz - Hello! This is all super helpful, and I think I’ve set up the logic in my form correctly. It is set up to send the user to the “Sorry” statement if the email field “contains” one of many free email domains (I’m using “OR” statements to build a short list).

I’m running into a bit of trouble though! The form is a 15 question assessment which is adding up points on every question to direct the user to one of 5 outcomes/endings. When I click submit on the final question (email field), it still directs me to one of the 5 endings (A, B, C, D or E). This then loads the email into our CRM, and counts as a conversion, which makes things a bit messy.

I’m curious - does the logic that leads to the statement have to be listed at the top, prior to the A, B, C, D and E logic steps? I wasn’t sure if order mattered. And if it does, is there an easy way to reorder/reprioritize the logic? I’m attaching screen shots of the flow, and the specific logic to disallow free email domains (there are a few email domains cut off in the second image).




Thanks for your help!

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Hi @drewenglish Oh yes, order definitely matters! I’d suggest moving the statement one to the very top to see if that makes a difference. 

Thanks @Liz - do you know if there is an easy way to re-order the statements? I can’t seem to find a way to do that without having to delete the other logic components. Those were quite a hassle to build, so if you know of a quick way to swap them, I’m all ears!

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Hi @drewenglish No, sadly, I wish. I’ve shared this feedback with the product team. You’ll have to rebuild them, but if you want to test it before going through the hassle, you could duplicate the form and then try it with just that one question. 

Hey @Liz - no worries! It wasn’t too difficult after all, and I appreciated your advice on creating a duplicate to test it on. It worked perfectly and the update is now live on our form! Thank you so much for your help! 😊

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Oh great, glad to hear @drewenglish ! Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with. 😀

We are a B2B software seller and have embedded typeforms into our website.  We are getting lots of spam/non qualified requests through our forms using gmail or yahoo only.  Is there a way I can prevent the ability to submit a form if a business email address is not provided?

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Hi @LyricSara I added your post here where we have an example of how to do this. 😀


I’d like to add to the chorus of voices that would like to see a feature that allows you the ability to import some kind of list to a logic rule for the purposes of excluding specific email domains.  I’ve set up logic to exclude the popular personal email domains (gmail, yahoo, etc.) but there are many “disposable email” domains that I would like to exclude as well, but to add & maintain them in individual logic rules is not ideal.  It seems that not even services like ConvertKit or Mailchimp offer this kind of functionality, so if Typeform were to implement such functionality, it would really set you apart from similar solutions.