Creating a score based on each question group and feeding the lowest scoring question group at the end

  • 20 January 2022
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I am creating a quiz quick will have questions based on three topics. Each topic will be set-up as a question group and has a set of sub question where the individual has to rate themselves using an optional scale for a total of four questions under each question group. 

What I want the logic to do is apply whichever number they pick from each question to the total score for that question group and then once they have made their way through each question group and sub questions the end to push them to a page reflecting whichever question group they scored lowest by how they rated themselves within the three sections, which the lowest scoring section being the one they need to work on the most. 

I cant find the logic to do this as it seems to add as a total and cant add in groups and serve the lowest, is there a way of doing this?





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@BI WORLDWIDE EMEA - welcome to the community

there are a number of posts in the community about how create this type of quiz and then evaluate the scores/results - but you would need to create variables to capture the subtotals for each of the categories and then once the questions are done, use the logic rules to evaluate for the lowest score.. once that is done you would route the user to the appropriate ending page (ie create one ending page for each outcome) 

have a search and you should find some of the posts. 



Hey Thanks so much for coming back to me @john.desborough would something like this be the solution - Multiple Product Recommendations Based on Multiple Scores. | Community (

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@BI WORLDWIDE EMEA - in part.. there are some other posts out there that will give you more flavour of the logic process.. but it’s in the ballpark for sure.. 


Great, thanks so much! 


I’ve also found this one Can you have 3 sets of opinion scale questions within one quiz? | Community (

Tried to follow it but my select button doesn’t allow me to select it, any ideas?



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Hi @BI WORLDWIDE EMEA You’ll need to create a variable in order to add the value. Let us know if you have any trouble adding a variable!