Extra Ending screen loading in for TypeForm while accessing from mobile

  • 23 February 2021
  • 3 replies

An extra End screen ( With message : Done! Your information was sent perfectly). loading while accessing the TypeForm from mobile device. Which is not coming while accessing the page from “Desktop”. Any configuration to hide that Screen? Any Help would be much appreciable.

3 replies

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Hello @WeClick. Welcome to the Community! 🤩


I believe I know what is happening here. :) The Ending screen "Done! Your information was sent perfectly" is the default one if you don't have any Ending added to your form. If you check your Logic Jump map, you'll notice the Ending is there: 



Once you add another Ending (or use the Redirect on completion feature), this Ending won't appear anymore. 


Also, it is expected the Ending will appear on any device, including desktops. If you see it differently according to the device, could you please share a screencast showing what happens in both cases? We'll be happy to take a look and investigate further. 🔍

@Mariana Can we mark a particular question as the end one ? instead of a page. Is that possible?

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Hey @WeClick. This wouldn't be possible as the questions appear before the "submit" button. When the respondent submits the form, all the responses will be collected and the Ending will be displayed.

However, you can customize an Ending with your own message and design, or send the respondent to another website using the Redirect on completion option. =)