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  • 25 February 2021
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we have several Typeforms which we run through Zapier, creating a ticket in Freshdesk.

In older forms, when customers upload a file, we receive a download link just fine.

I now created a new Typeform (which, btw, has a different editor) and the file link neither shows in Freshdesk, nor in our forms results overview - the link is not being generated.

There is no error message when uploading the file. I have tried different files. The yes/no answer one step before also shows no response (logic is yes=upload / no=skip to 10)

The Zap is created just the same and works.

Thank you for any help.


11 replies

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Hi @ClaudiaAmpler ! Our developers are currently working on fixing this issue with Zapier, which should be completed relatively soon. As soon as that fix is released, I can let you know here. :) 

Hey Liz, thanks but how come the link doesn’t show in my results as well? I don’t think this is a Zapier issue.

Ah sorry, saw it turning up just now in my results overview.

Looking forward for the release of the Zapier fix!

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Glad it’s showing in the results! :) I’ll let you know when the fix has been released for the Zapier side, too. 

Hi Liz! We’re seeing some issues with file URLs in Zapier too and wonder if the fix you mentioned was deployed? If so I can create a new thread. We’re seeing an `AUTHENTICATION_FAILED` code when clicking the URL in Zapier. The Google Sheets connection has a different URL that works fine. 

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Hi @Vucek They’re still working on the fix, but as soon as I have any updates, I’ll post them here. :grinning:

Hello! It was 4 months ago but I got the same problem in Zapier . How is it possible it is still actual?? 
I posted a problem here 

, thought its problem on Zapier’s side. 
But it seems it’s yours. How can i fix it ASAP for the form MVU tech inspection V2 to Sheets ?? 

Hi @Liz 

I just signed up to Zapier just so I can connect Typeform to Knack and though it was brilliant...then realised the Typeform has an image, but the image link doesnt work in Zap sadly..


I get..

{"code":"AUTHENTICATION_FAILED","description":"Authentication credentials not found on the Request Headers"}

@Gabi Amaral 

Please help us both. It’s some global issue. I cant do my work because of this! 

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@Skyeng - have you raised a ticket with the support team at Typeform? if not use this link here

this is a peer-based community, not the official help desk. we do our best to help, especially the Typeform Community advocates but this issue needs to be raised to the support team 



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Ok, all! Apologies for the delay in response - I talked to the developers to get some clarity on what’s happening with the error and how to stop it. I’ve found the solution! I created a video below, and I’ll also create a post this week to walk you through it step-by-step, too. Thankfully, it’s a really easy fix. :) 

Let me know if you all have any troubles setting this up!




@Peter Gowing