Force aspect ratio on image upload

  • 15 March 2021
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Wondering if there’s any way to set a forced aspect ratio on image upload? We are working on an automated flow that requires the image to be 1:1 for the proper display. Essentially looking for the same functionality as when you upload a profile picture/hero image to Facebook or Twitter.




3 replies

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Hi @jdiebel great question! We don’t currently have this feature, but I can share this feedback with our team. Any particular use case you’d like to share? 

Hi Liz,

For a use case, we’re running a photo contest on Instagram, and to maintain consistency and properly automate the process, we need each image to share the same aspect ratio.

Just curious, is there a route to use a Typeform developer/partner to make something like this happen for our use case, or do we need to wait until it’s developed by Typeform?



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Hi @jdiebel Ah, got it - thank you! This isn’t a feature we currently have or can force into the product through outside coding, but this feedback is helpful for us to see how customers are using our product so we know how to develop features in the future. :) It isn’t the best workaround, but you could add in the description that a specific ratio is needed in the file they upload. 

If you do have any other feedback or suggestions, please let us know! :grinning: