Fractions in Typeform

  • 15 February 2021
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Is there a math feature for typing equations? I’m trying to build typeform quizzes for my students to complete for distance learning but I’m having trouble so far particularly with fractions.

Unfortunately, text will underline and I can situate the denominator below the underlined numerator, but when I return to the slide, the text is no longer underlined and the denominator moves so that it is aligned to the left of the text space.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

To be clear, for example, I would like to show 12yd x 3ft / 1yd   , with the denominator below.

1 reply

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Hi @jb17. Welcome to the Typeform Community! =)


Can you please share a screenshot showing how you'd like the slide to be vs how it looks like when you return to it? This way, we'll be able to better advise you!