Help checking all logics are correct

  • 18 October 2021
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I was wondering if Typeform offers any assistance with checking all logics are working correctly before sending out a survey?


I have created a rather lenghy customer experience survey which has many different logics and jumps. I have, of course, checked this myself but it would be helpful if there was any help to see if I had missed anything.




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3 replies

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Hi @Fglace Welcome to the community! You could reach out to our support team directly to have them log into your account and check the logics for you. :) 

I would suggest adding any notes about what specifically you would like checked, such as certain logics or certain question sets. 

If it’s just a few logic jumps you’re unsure on, we’d be happy to take a look here with any screenshots you can provide. :) 

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Amazing! Thanks so much.


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Not a problem, @Fglace ! Let us know if we can help with anything in the meantime!