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  • 19 October 2021
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hello there, please can you help me with the following:


I have a list of 50+ options, and participants can select between 1-6 of the options.

I then, want to ask them the same questions about the up 6 options they selected - *individually* - ONLY. 


Select  between 1-6 animals:

  1. CAT [x]
  2. DOG 
  3. SHEEP
  4. FOX [x]
  5. HORSE 
  6. RABBIT [x]

Then, say participant selects 3 options, they should then be asked questions about the animals they selected…without running through all 50 questions


2a) What do you like about CATS?

2b) Rate how easy CATS are able to be looked after…


3a) What do you like about  FOXS ?

3b) Rate how easy FOX are able to be looked after…


How do I do this, without making the participant run through all 50 option questions and without the '@' feature grouping all their individual options as 'group'


I am trying to use 'advance logic' and have been through all your help videos and forums - cant seem to resolve this problem.


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@Temitayo - welcome to the community. 

What you are asking it possible to do - with 50 choices up front, it will require some time to set up the logic but it is not difficult (honestly!) 

Here is a much shorter example that uses 4 options from which the user can select multiples. let me know if this is the type of scenario that you see happening in your case. 



@john.desborough that is exactly what I am trying to achieve - thanks for responding. How do I go about doing this?



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@Temitayo - here are shots of the logic i set up - i used question groups for each of the 4 cereal types and put the logic on the last question in the individual question groups (look for the question number in the images below): 

hope this helps



Hey @john.desborough , 


i’ve gone back and tried to implement this - but it still doesn’t quite work. It just asks the questions for 1 selection [rather than the 1-6 options people can select] then directly goes to the next set of questions for the option [not selected] that is alphabetically next.


I’ve provided screen shots of what i’m working with 




i am very confused as to why this isn't working :disappointed_relieved: , would appreciate any help. 

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Hi @Temitayo It might be worth having our support team look further into this since they can access your account and see all of the logic jumps at once. If you haven’t already, you can contact them from your account email here for further help!

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@Temitayo - sorry i missed this one. @Liz has the right suggestion but could you also share your ‘logic map’ in a screen shot so that we can see the pathing/routing between questions?

appreciate it..