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Hi, I’m making a survey and I’d like to find a way to show someone some text if they answer NO to a question, then take them back to the survey.


For instance, if a user selects “yes” they would move on to the next question. If they select “no” then they would get a blurb that says something “We’ll be reaching to talk with you.” Then they would move to  a question a little further down on the survey.


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Hi @noahsdad4523 Thanks for stopping by the community! Could you show a statement block after the question? It wouldn’t be a blurb right within the question, but it should still help solve the issue. 

Hi, I was thinking that was for the person taking the survey to write a statement, no?

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Ah sorry for the confusion, @noahsdad4523 ! The statement block just shows text without requiring the respondent to provide an answer. Hopefully that helps clarify!