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Hi Typeform community,


I’m building a survey to test a feature on our website. The user answers a few questions in Typeform, and then a link opens a tab to our external website. After testing the features, they manually close the new tab,  and finish the survey on Typeform. 

Is there a way to include the hidden field in the link to our external website? For example, how could I pass the hidden field “userId” in a url like this?

This would let us know which user was testing the feature. I’ve figured out how to add hidden fields in the text of a question and at the end of the survey, but the feature to add a link within a question doesn’t seem to recall the hidden field.






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Hello @shouvik ,

I think you should be able to use a “statement”  question and just type in the URL like this:



Hi @mathio,

Why I try that approach, the hidden field isn’t populating in the external link. The link opens, but the url is coming as


Note - I’ve tested the hidden field does make it into the responses at the end of the survey. I just can’t get it to appear in a link to an external site. 


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Does the link in my example form not work for you? I tested in multiple browsers and it works.

As I was entering the domain I added the `@` variable for hidden field:

Enter URL, type @ to see available variables


Select the variable for hidden field


Thanks @mathio! This worked for me.


Note for anyone else who is stuck: I was trying to highlight text and add a url, rather than write the url directly into the question. When I highlight text and add the url, the hidden fields don’t appear. 




This isn’t working for me. I have a situation where the entire url ( less the http:// bit) is filled from a hidden field. The text is showing correctly (http://{textfromhiddenfield}) but it isn’t presenting as a clickable link. I’m entering it at Shouvik suggested above.

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@Jules - this is form another user

can you please share a screen shot of what you are trying to do and pointing out the error? 


that will help us troubleshoot the issue 




Really, it isn’t a URL as such ,a bad choice of phrase on my part -  it’s an IP address - for example is this the cause of the issue? 

I’ve tried sending the entire  ‘’ as hidden field, and having http:// in the question body and just sending the IP address in the hidden field, the results are the same - the text is displayed correctly but no clickable link is presented. 



n00bie here. I am trying to do this hidden field to external URL also...but running into issues.

The url is redirecting the correct page...but the URL is showing “_____” instead of the email address. (Screenshots attached)

What am I doing incorrectly or missing?



I figured it out! Just posting my findings for case anyone else is stuck on this.

I was using the “@email” hidden field instead of the “@(the page I was collecting the email from in the quiz)”.


Once I changed that, the url passes it on perfectly.


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Glad to hear you were able to figure it out, @jerky ! Thanks for sharing your solution. :grin: