How can I change the number answer to be a monetary answer format, (example 100.00 = £100,00)

  • 1 October 2021
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I’m a Mortgage broker and i’d like my clients to enter the house prices as part of my questionnaire, how can I change the number format to a monetary / currency format?


Best answer by Liz 2 October 2021, 00:27

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8 replies

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Hi @Kal Happy Friday! In the number question, it isn’t possible to change the format of the number. Though, if you’re recalling the variable later, you could add the currency symbol before the recalled variable like this: 

Would that work for you? 

Why don’t we have a number format in typeform? 

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Hi @Wealth Management This just isn’t a feature we currently offer, but happy to share the suggestion with the product team. 

Hi Liz,

so we can not change 100.00 to 100,00?

That would be a shame, why rule out a number format so common among most countries in Europe? 



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Hi @MichaelG It isn’t possible at this time, but I have shared this feedback with the product team. 

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Yap@Liz great on answer@Michael G, on how can I change the number to be a monetary answer,which in the question  it is not possible to changet the format of the number though if you are recalling the various later,,

@Liz is this still not possible? Is there a way to use custom code to do it? Not being able to format the number is a huge problem for me.

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Hi @danzaharia I’m afraid not, and since we don’t feature an option to add custom code to the forms, there wouldn’t be any workarounds at this time. Though, keep sharing your feature requests here so I can pass them to the product team!