How can I use an End Screen inside my typeform flow (like legacy version)?

  • 16 February 2021
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I launch my form from my web app using the embed API. I am then hoping to trigger some action in my web app based on the response to the form (for instance, apply a discount).

Using the onSubmit callback, I can do this, but it skips the End Screen, which has some critical information. Is it possible to either move the end screen inside the flow or only trigger the onSubmit event after the link in the End Screen is clicked?


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2 replies

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Hi @Aaron ! thanks for stopping by. :) While we don’t have a way to move the location of the end screen, our product team is working on making the end screens visible in the results. Would that help with your workflow? :grinning:

If so, I’ll post an update over here once this is live! 

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Hey @Aaron 

Technically, once the respondent sees the End Screen, their response has been transferred and stored by Typeform. So it makes sense that the `onSubmit` callback happens at that time too.

If you want to trigger a workflow in the backend, that has not impact visually on the respondent, it’s recommended to use Webhook.

The `onSubmit` callback has no incidence on skipping the EndScreen. It should be shown regardless.
Do you have “redirect on completion” turn on for your form, by any chance?
This may redirect the respondent as soon as they submit the form and redirect to your url of your choice, and would skip the screen.

Instead you should put the links as button links on the End Screen, but this would redirect the whole page and not just the embed.

Hope it makes sense