How can I use an existing typeform survey for a new group

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I surveyed a group of trainees on our autumn course now I want to make a few changes to the survey and use it on our spring group.


Best answer by john.desborough 3 May 2022, 16:54

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@Mike 965 - welcome to the community

create a duplicate of your typeform - click the three dots on the tile of the typeform - then choose duplicate. 

now make the changes to the duplicate and bob’s your uncle. 



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John you are a Saviour of my sanity as well as a Champion. A million heartfelt thank yous for your speed and oh so accurate and clear reply. Charlie’s your aunt.

Stay well


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Hehehehe very happy to know that @john.desborough saved the day again, @Mike 965 (He's our Champion, Partner and Saviour as well!)

Why don't you share with us your form so we can see how the Sprint issue looks like? We'd love to give you some feedback! 😊