How does recall feature allow me to show the score at the end of the quiz?

  • 2 January 2023
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I have seen multiple responses directing me to the recall video but I am not clear on how I can set up my score quiz so at the end so that when a user submits their results they can see how much the scored.

I have each question’s response weighted 1-4, and I don’t want to have to make an ending page for numbers 40-120 (which are all the possible scores). The recall page is for tags for personalizing their name but how would this relate to scoring every question and summing up the score for each choice?


Best answer by Seetheoneintheall 2 January 2023, 17:06

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Figured it out: combination of:




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well done!

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Thanks for sharing your solution, @Seetheoneintheall !