How to automatically send an email to the customer after they complete the Typeform?

  • 14 February 2021
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Hey all, we are currently manually sending all customers who complete the typeform an email with more details about a particular topic (and inputting some of their answers).

I’ve tried to do this automatically using Zapier but it wouldn’t let me format it and so looked really bad.

Does anyone know an easy way to do this? I’m using gmail.




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3 replies

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Hey @Lestat. Welcome to our Community! 🤩


You could set up the respondent notification which is a native feature from Typeform. Have you tried that? If so, what was missing from this option that didn't work well for you? This feedback will help us to better advise you and offer other solutions. :) 

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Hi @Lestat :wave::four_leaf_clover:

I see that @Mariana has already given you the perfect answer with the native feature, but I’m gonna chime in anyway :relaxed:

You say you used Zapier to automate this process, which means you probably don’t have a problem introducing third-party services to your workflow. That’s awesome:sunglasses::sunny: . I would therefore suggest that you try to check out Integromat’s Typeform integration with its triggers, actions and dozens of premade templates. 

In order to do what you’re looking to do, you would:
1. Select the Typeform ‘Watch Responses’ module, create a connection to your Typeform account, set the maximum limit of items returned in one run of the automation and select the form you want to monitor.

  1. Select the Gmail ‘Send an email’ module, create a connection to your Google account, enter the email address of the recipient, the subject of the email and the body of the message.


Note: creating a Gmail connection is explained in detail in this tutorial.

  1. Click the watch icon on the Typeform module and schedule the automation to run whenever you need it to run.

    4. Don’t forget to turn the scenario on with the sliding button in the left bottom corner of the builder :thumbsup:

    Also - if you need it - Integromat’s filters and functions let you manipulate your data and have full control over it :muscle:




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That's awesome @Michaela! Thanks for sharing this!  💪🏻