How to create branching questions with different answers? What am I missing?

  • 1 November 2023
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I’m trying to create logic for a multiple choice form where you can pick unlimited answers (in this case, there are 6 buckets to choose from). Even if I select one of the buckets and hit continue, it shows me all other screens for the options I didn’t pick. And just to give more context, this form is an “order” form where people can pick a product or all 6, input the quantities of each item they want and then at the end we ask for their name and shipping address. So obviously if I pick the Marine Layer jacket then I only want to see the screens pertaining to that (sizes) but instead if shows me all the screens for ALL items. 

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to hopefully show you all what I’m doing. 

Here is a typeform article that is doing exactly what I want to do but something isn’t clicking with me:

I feel like I’ve tried to match exactly what they’re doing in the article above, but my logic map never comes out looking as clean. I end up with lines all over the place. 




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@AmyG - you need to check where to send the user next at the end of each ‘follow up set of questions

  • for example 
    • if q1 = A go to q2
    • if q1 = B go to q5 
    • if q1 = C go to q8
  • on q2, you need to check where you need to send them next
    • if q1=B go to q5 
    • if q1 = C go to q8 
    • otherwise go to end
  • on q5, you need to check where to send them
    • if q1 = C go to q8
    • otherwise go to end
  • on q8 you need to send them out of the routine
    • always go to end.. 

that should help you figure it out. let me know if not, and i can point you to a cheat sheet on how to do this. 



Hello @john.desborough! Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately I’m still very lost! I’m trying to follow this tutorial to a T but I’m not having any luck. I’m still seeing all of the questions being asked. Is it because I’m using number blocks and not multiple choice? I feel like I keep adding different types of logic and I keep getting the same results.

I’ve included a few more screenshots of the mess I’ve made. 


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@AmyG - it looks like you don’t ‘force’ an exit from the logic path if the conditions are not met… 

here’s a shot from your last logic strip: 

because you have “in all other cases jump to” as blank, it goes from 3 to 4 if one of the remaining conditions is not met.. you need to set the all other cases to go to an ‘end’ of the logic - whether that is a summary screen of their order, etc. if someone is done at the end of q3 then send them somewhere 

here’s an example from one of my samples


note that if they have no other options selected i send them to an ending 


Thank you @john.desborough! It’s working now! It was the “all other cases” that was messing me up. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

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glad to hear @AmyG  - pay your success forward and next time you are in a coffee shop, buy a coffee for someone who needs it (nurse, teacher, firefighter, policeman, etc…. they don’t get enough thanks for the work they do)