Is a redirect to 2 different landingpages depending on different answers possible?

  • 13 October 2021
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Hello Typeform-Users,

1. First of all i see that i am in Basic not able to do redirects at all, right?

2. In Question Number 9 of my form i ask a question and there are 3 possible answers, With 2 of these answers i want to lead people to landing page 1 and with one of those answers i want to lead people to a  landing page 2. Is that possible with typeform?

3. After Question Number 9 are 2 other Questions coming and only then would the redirect be needed to those 2 different landingpages depending on the answers of Question number 9

Does that make sense and is possible?


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@Sven - welcome to the community.. 

i will ignre #1 but for #2, yes it is possible if you have the right plan, to be able to set up a redirect upon completion link that uses a variable - see the image below which shows the variable (added in by clicking the plus (+) sign 

this is a based on the simple question i have in the test form as follows

the logic to set the variable is shown below: 


so in your example, you could do this on q9 and then WHEN the user presses submit, the user would be routed to the landing page(s) .. 

fair enough??