List all Yes and No answers in Ending Result

  • 21 September 2022
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I have 16 questions with Yes/No answers. 

Each question would recommend a unique product when a taker will answer no.


So what we want to achieve is, All No answers will be listed and be consolidated in one page.



Question 1  (If No, Recommend Module 1)

Answer: Yes

Question 2 (If No, Recommend Module 2)

Answer: No

Question 3 (If No, Recommend Module 3)

Answer: No

Question 4 (If No, Recommend Module 4)

Answer: No

Question 5 (If No, Recommend Module 5)

Answer: No

Question 6 (If No, Recommend Module 6)

Answer: Yes

Question 7 (If No, Recommend Module 7)

Answer: No

Question 8 (If No, Recommend Module 9)

Answer: Yes

Question 9 (If No, Recommend Module 9)

Answer: No



For all No answers, we want to list all modules being recommended in the end results. 

Is this possible?




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Hi @mel_lawyerbookbuilder Thanks for stopping by the community! You could create different endings based on the ‘no’ answers provided. This article here will walk you through creating different endings, then recalling the information here

Would something like this work? 😀