Logic Question: Is there a way to populate fields in endings?

  • 18 January 2023
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I am building an assessment that has 7 groups of Yes/No questions. 
Is there any way to populate an ending page with multiple results, instead of creating multiple ending pages that include all of the different variables?

For example: 
I’m going to use fruits here as my example. My seven fruits are Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes, Pears, Strawberries, and Mangos. 

If users answer YES to questions 5a-5e (topic: apples), ending page reads “You may qualify for APPLES” 

If users answer YES to questions 6a-6d (topic: bananas) and questions 8a-8c (topic: grapes), ending page reads “You may qualify for BANANAS and GRAPES.” 

If users answer YES to all questions, ending page reads “You may qualify for APPLES, BANANAS, ORANGES, GRAPES, PEARS, STRAWBERRIES, MANGOS.”

And all of the other variable combinations that exist with those 7 items. 



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Hi @eaustin Have you checked out our recall information feature? 😁

The one downside to this feature is that, if the respondent doesn’t answer a question, that field will show a blank line. 

Instead, you could use an outcome quiz to show different endings with that information already entered instead. 

Thank you, @Liz ! I currently have it set as an outcome quiz. I’m going to include a visual of my actual Typeform here that will hopefully explain more than my fruit example. :) There are anywhere from 2-7 questions in the groups. If they answer yes to any of them, they could qualify for that incentive. 



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Hi @eaustin Ah yes, this makes sense! I would still recommend the outcome quiz idea, but the only downside is that you would need to make an ending for every possible option they could get.