Matrix questions don't appear properly on mobile?

  • 6 October 2021
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These questions types don't appear to be responsive in design?


Best answer by Liz 6 October 2021, 20:41

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12 replies

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Hi @mnatarelli Happy Wednesday! Would you mind sending a screenshot of what you’re seeing and what specifically isn’t responsive about it? That will help me see if there is a bug or send feedback to our product team!

@Liz thanks you for the quick note. Here are some screen shots. Its a basic three column matrix. showing you results on my phone (lots of resolution as it is the new 13 pro max), preview and the question layout as a ref. 


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Ah, I see. The biggest frustration with this is having to scroll through the matrix, right? Is there anything you’d like to see differently with the mobile version of the matrix? Thanks in advance, @mnatarelli !

Yes, users won't scroll left/right and so either I feel restricted in the number of columns or the amount of copy on the left most column. 

Ideally the chart has to lock to the 4” width and therefor padding and spacing must adjust to that limitation. 

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That makes sense, @mnatarelli . I probably wouldn’t realize the need to scroll, either, if I didn’t work here ha! I’ll share this feedback with our product team, and if you think of any other questions/suggestions, let us know. 


Good day How do we make the question lock  like when you Freeze top row in Excel, but instead in the form so its not lost when scrolling.


Thank you 

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Hi @Tshidik We don’t have an option to freeze a question within a form exactly, but if you use a Question Group, the overall question in the Question Group will appear at the top of the form until the respondent has answered all of the questions in the group like this: 

Would something like that work for you? 

We just started testing this out for 360 reviews and monthly short feedback from staff and we couldn’t believe that the matrix doesn’t work on mobile.  We had the same issue with google forms and people just do not scroll.  I would suggest putting the title of the question on a separate line to give more space for selecting the answer.  I can understand how it would be hard to fit a 10 point scale on mobile but the fact that a 5 point doesn’t fit is pretty frustrating.  Thanks for listening to my feedback!

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Thanks for sharing, @Wilmheath ! 😀

Hi, just checking in to see if there is a chance of this being fixed?  Is there a place that shows what you are working on, priorities, etc?  I love companies that have open communication with their customers.  Thanks for your time.

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Hi @Wilmheath I asked our product team, and while they are aware of the issue, it isn’t on the roadmap until Q4 or later. 

It’s kinda weird that you make a survey system, where basic likert scale matrixes are useless on mobile. We’re a major company that was about to use Typeform, but this had us looking for another system. :-(