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  • 26 April 2022
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Is there anyway to not have numbers or letters labelling the multiple choice options, and just have the choices themselves?


I have seen a request to switch from letters to numbers, but nothing at all would float my boat in such a big way.




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6 replies

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Hi @edwindharris Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by the community. We don’t have this feature available, but any use case you want to share, I’m happy to pass along to the product team. 😀

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Thank you Liz,

I am using Typeform to collect audio samples along with descriptions of the samples, which I then apply as metadata to the sample in Integromat, via google sheets.

In a Typeform multiple choice section, a sample contributor will be asked to click all the boxes with words that appropriately describe their sample i.e. distorted, grunge, slow, loud etc

Because of the ‘freeform’ nature of selecting in this section, letters (or numbers) don’t make sense, as the order of the options is arbitrary. The section would make more sense if the boxes had only the words to select.

Might there be a workaround, like making the font transparent?


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Hi @edwindharris Oh, that’s really interesting! I actually wonder if our VideoAsk product would be better for this since you can collect audio/video right in the form and then add a multiple choice. I believe their multiple choice options are still lettered, but @Grace can confirm. 

The downside is we have no way to remove the letters/numbers from our multiple choice, but I’ll share this use case with the product team!

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This is a very cool use case @edwindharris thanks for sharing!

We have a similar set up over on VideoAsk where the multiple choice options are lettered, I was trying to play around to see if choosing a different primary color would help hide the letter, but it’s not currently possible to change the text color so I think you’d still run into the same issue as with Typeform. Will definitely add it as a feature request too though. 

How are you currently collecting audio? Is it a file upload or is it something that can be recorded live?

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Thank you very much, Grace and Liz.

The audio is file upload. I am collecting audio via Google Drive (which is a bit clunky for my use purposes). The benefits of this are no cost of data transfer, and the unique file ID automatically generated by Gdrive makes automation mapping solid. VideoAsk looks brilliant though! When I begin to build my customer support system I will absolutely be checking it out again.


Is there anywhere I can monitor feature request progress?  







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Hi @edwindharris Ah got it! Thank you! We don’t have a central location to monitor feature requests, but if the product team does begin implementing this feature, we can let you know here. 😀